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♥ Hey all, this is the icon community of almost_october, and is a continuation of littlelemontart. This is a closed comm, and I'm the only one with posting access, so if you want to watch the community all you have to do is add it as a friend.

This is primarily a fangirlish icon comm revolving primarily around CSI:LV, with a little Firefly, Clone High and the occasional random quotes among others. If that happens to pique your interest at all, friend away!
♥ 1. Please credit! I'm not crazy and won't hunt you down and poke your eyes out with spoons if you don't, but it is very much appreciated nontheless. :)

And hey, it's really easy! See here for how.

2. Please don't take anything I make with the intent of altering it. I'll let you know if I make bases, kthnx. If you do want something added, just let me know and I'll be more than likely to concede.

3. NO HOTLINKING! This is pretty straight forward. So, uh...don't!

4. If you do take anything, feel free to leave me a comment. It is, how shall I say, the icon maker's crack. But honestly, it's always really nice to know that your work is appreciated, and if you like it, comments are usually the best way to ensure more. ^_^b

5. If you want to make a request, you're certainly free. I can't guarantee any particular time frame, but I'll be happy to oblige.
♥ If you would like to affiliate with this community, just leave me a comment on this post and let me know.

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